September 14, 2019

A lot of people have asked me why I’ve decided to run for office. Politics and politicians, let’s face it, aren’t very popular right now.

The political climate is so polarized, the skeptics say. So nasty. So blindly partisan. No one’s listening to one another. Why get involved?

But that’s exactly why I am running to be the federal member of Parliament of Toronto-St. Paul’s. I believe that honour can — and must — be restored to politics.

I believe that when we focus on what unites us rather than what divides us, when we drop our blind partisanship to work together, we can make a difference.

I am 33 years old, or 33 years young, depending on your perspective. I have not lost my idealism. I’m not part of some old boys-and-girls political club.

And that’s what the people of Toronto-St. Paul’s need.

Someone energized, focused on the community, independent-minded and open and willing to work with all stakeholders. I’m not just going to fall in line in Ottawa. I’m going to always put the people of Toronto-St. Paul’s front and centre.

I’m committed to bringing about change that will improve the lives of everyone in Toronto-St. Paul’s.

And I want a government in Ottawa that doesn’t bully its members into following orders, especially when those orders interfere in the criminal justice system. I want a government that keeps its promises. I want a government that isn’t foisting unfair and unnecessary taxes on Canadians when they’re already struggling to make ends meet.

All of us in Toronto and, specifically, in Toronto-St. Paul’s, know the challenges we face in our community. We see those challenges up close every day, from the woeful lack of affordable housing to the scourge of gun violence.

Gunfire should not have broken out at the Raptors celebration in June. The city’s gun-related homicide rate should not be so disturbingly high.

A Conservative government in Ottawa will work hard to get illegal firearms off our streets. We want mandatory lifetime firearms bans for all serious personal injury offences and gang crimes. We want to ensure that information on guns found at crime scenes is given to the right authorities.

The city is also grappling with an affordable housing crisis. Rents are soaring. Vacancy rates are historically low. There are long wait lists for social housing.

There are also inadequate mental health supports that have helped fuel the housing and homelessness crisis. We need to address each and every component of the crisis. It’s a pet cause of mine, and I intend to ensure a Conservative government tackles the problem head on.

The environment is another one of my passions. As someone who worked for years for a conservation agency, I know full well the importance of enhancing the health and well-being of our communities by protecting and restoring their natural environments.

These will be the issues and the causes that I will take to Ottawa with me. They are close to my heart. I will not let them fall by the wayside. I will fight for the city of Toronto and the people of Toronto-St. Paul’s every hour of every day and in doing so, help restore honour to politics.

I will work to earn your trust and erase your cynicism. I’m committed to making federal politics more civilized, responsive and committed to affecting change in the areas so important to all of us: Our safety. Our health. Our prosperity.